Welcome to Sarah Burns Patterns.

I am a patternmaker & textile printer passionate about creating beautiful fabrics and accessories for your home.

I also want my fabrics to be truly beautiful so it’s important to me that they are made in ways that are kind to the environment. That’s why we’re pioneering the revival of ancient craft techniques like natural dyeing & block printing that don’t use harsh chemicals and are zero waste.

Preparing the pattern

Beautiful fabrics for your home

I am a patternmaker and printer. My mission is to design and make beautiful patterns and fabrics for people’s homes.

Home to me is all about creating a warm and relaxed space to share with those you love. My fabrics do this through natural colours and pattern – hand-made especially by me for you.

I believe in using natural processes that are kind to the environment and reflect the beauty of nature and the world around us. I use natural dyes, water based inks and 100 percent natural linen. I really believe that we should only have things in our home, which are kind and beautiful to us and to the planet.

I enjoy making my fabric with care in my studio on the South Downs. I harvest my natural dyes from the field and hedgerows around me, and the colours and patterns I use are all inspired by the chalk downs, water meadows and ancient tracks and villages near where I live.

Reviving ancient crafts

We want our fabrics to be beautiful but also kind to the environment – that’s why we’re pioneering the revival of ancient techniques like natural dyeing & block printing that don’t use harsh chemicals and are zero waste.

I live at the foot of the South Downs and am inspired by the changing seasons, plants, buds, leaves and flowers that I see all around me when I walk through the fields and woods.
I use plants I can forage for like walnut, birch and ash to make my colours and the ancient craft of block printing to print my patterns.

Dying the fabric using natural dyes
The finished hand printed fabric

“I am beyond delighted with my lovely cushion. The fabric is beautifully printed, the filling is soft and it is now my favourite cushion. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a lovely cushion to buy one…..now.”

“We highly recommend signing up to one of Sarah’s printing workshops – the only warning is that you may never want to leave.” Minnie Kemp from Firmdale Hotels Interior Design Team

“Sarah’s designs are so beautiful and the fact that she uses natural dyes contributes to the unique prints she creates. I am so pleased with my purchase of the lovely wash bag in rhubarb.”

“My cushions just arrived today – I’m so happy with them! They are just as I hoped and will give me so much pleasure. I just wanted you to see how nice they look – I’m stuck in a first floor flat with no outside space and quarantining, so bringing the natural world in in this way is wonderful for me”